Quattro Stagioni preserving jars



Don’t let the Old World look fool you; Quattro Stagioni is the most advanced collection of canning jars around and the secret is all in the lid.

That lid has a commercial-grade one-piece design that features a visible vacuum indicator and a high-tech gasket that maximises venting during pasteurization to form a stronger hermetic seal than ordinary canning lids. Safety is everything in canning, and Quattro Stagioni is the name you can trust.

Quattro Stagioni jars and lids combine the traditional advantages of safe preserving with the guarantee of modern safe vacuum process.  It’s a safety that cannot be guaranteed by just any jar. Unfortunately, there are many people who use inappropriate jars, often recycling old ones that are definitely not safe for canning.

That’s why Quattro Stagioni jars, specifically designed for homemade canning style that features the same process of industrial production.  Quattro Stagioni have always been the preferred choice of anybody who feel that preserving is an art, and a pleasure as well.  Available in 8 different size and lid combinations, a starting kit and individual lids.

There are many similar looking jars in the supermarkets, etc which are much cheaper than these but whereas the Quatro Stagioni jars can be used year after year, the cheaper ones will only last you one year.