Neoflam “Luke Hines” 28cm grill

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Highlighting some of the most on trend colours in interior design, The Luke Hines “Making Healthy Easy” range will bring a positive energy to your cooking experience like never before.
Using the unique mineral based Ecolon™ ceramic coating you can rest assured that no nasties will leach into your food, while enjoying a non-stick surface like you’ve never experienced before. Cook how I cook, with the Luke Hines “Making Healthy Easy” Neoflam range.

Inhabit Homewares are the exclusive stockists of the Luke Hines range of products for the Ballarat area.

*Suitable for use on all cook tops.
*Glass lids available to order.
*All fry pans are oven proof up to 250 degree.
*Scratch resistant. You can use metal utensils, though common sense is still required. Sharp objects such as knives and forks can cause damage.
*Extremely high quality production, made from die-cast aluminium with excellent thermal conductivity, using the same principles as cast iron cookware with a thick base and sides, yet it is incredibly lightweight.
*High heat conductivity means faster, more effective cooking, saves energy, helps retain nutrition in cooked food.
*Dishwasher safe.
*Stylish, vibrant colours so you can use as serving dishes, from stove to table.
*Advanced healthy negative ion technology allows the coating to emit more than 20 times the Anion than typical cookware.