Mundial 5 piece knife block

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You’ll be amazed at how much quicker your meal preparation will be by using a good quality sharp knife. No more squashing or bruising your fruit and vegetables by trying to cut them with a blunt blade.

With proper care and attention, Mundial knives will last a lifetime and bring years of pleasure to the user. Each knife in this block has it’s own special features and uses, and as you begin to appreciate each knive’s function, your satisfaction will also increase.

Mundial knives are ground and polished by hand and are manufactured using the hot drop-forged process (with the exception of the slicer).

Mundial Knives feature a full tang which extends the length of the handle ensuring a perfect balance. They have solid rivets to unite handle to blade with a wide top edge for added safety.
Each knife is tapered and shaped to match it’s purpose and come with a comfortable weight to suit both light and heave usage situations.
Ergonomic grip handle.
Dishwasher Safe, however hand washing is recommended.

The Mundial 5pce Knife Block Set includes:
10cm Paring Knife – It pares, peels and slices small fruit and vegetables.
15cm Utility Knife – An every-day preparation knife for fruit, vegetables and herbs.
20cm Cook’s Knife – For cutting and chopping vegetables, meat and herbs.
22cm Kitchen Shears – These muli-purpose take-apart kitchen shears can be utilised for poultry, fish, herbs, spices and all kitchen needs.
Storage Block – The perfect organiser, this solid timber block keeps knives separate whilst keeping them handy.