Krosno Harmony Cognac Glasses


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Made in Poland by KROSNO, this set of six cognac glasses from the Harmony collection is an elegant addition to any home.

If you want your brandy to taste its best, serve it in the 550ml Krosno Harmony Cognac glass without mixers or ice. With its wide bowl and short stem, you can easily warm up your cognac in the palm of your hand to elevate the flavours and intensify the aromas. Thanks to its vintage elegance, drinking your favourite cognac is even better with that feeling of holding something substantial in your hand.

Key Features:

  • Set includes six handcrafted cognac glasses made of lead-free, premium quality crystalline glass for improved clarity, tone and durability
  • Short-stemmed glass with wide bottom and a relatively narrow top that intensifies the bouquet and flavour of your drink
  • Perfect for serving aged brown spirits such as bourbon, brandy, and whisky
  • Also known as a brandy glass or brandy snifter which tends to be more widely used than the tulip
  • Contemporary design combined with old-fashioned elegance balloon shape makes it a must-have staple for any bar, restaurant and every tabletop dining service
  • Makes a great addition to your home bar or gift set to brandy enthusiasts

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