KeepCup Plastic



Lots of people ask us why we chose plastic. They don?t realise most disposable cups are lined with polyethylene and have a polystyrene lid so there is enough plastic in 20 disposable cups and lids to make one small KeepCup. So even though KeepCup is made from plastic KeepCup is about less plastic.

Here is why :

Low embodied energy in manufacture. The resources required to manufacture plastic are relatively low, this means that you only have to use it 15 times to break even with paper cups in terms of the energy manufacture and use.
Lightweight and unbreakable For you to carry our product around it has to be lightweight, ergomonic and unbreakable.
Colourful The ability to choose a unique, personal colourway for yourself increases the desirability of the KeepCup, and increases your likelihood of remembering and reusing.
Dishwasher safe Makes cleaning easy.
Recyclable at end of life The KeepCup is made from single component materials to facilitate recycling at end of life. Polypropylene is being targeted as a great material capable of being recycled into consumer goods. There are lots of clever people doing exciting things in this space.

A large range of colours available in every size.
Available in extra small, small, medium and large
Extra Small – $11.00, Small – $15.00, Medium – $17.00 and Large – $19.00