Cuisinart 1.5 litre ice cream maker


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Product Description

Cool and Colourful
Share your ice cream creation with anyone, at anytime and have fun all the time! The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker – 1.5 Litre allows you to create superb desserts for your family and friends quickly, and the process will be as pleasurable as the product.

The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker – 1.5 Litre couldn’t be easier to operate. Just add your ingredients to the mixing bowl and turn the machine on. It has a large ingredient spout that makes adding ingredients simple and mess free. The fully automatic machine features a mixing arm that stirs and aerates your ingredients creating a light and smooth texture, while the double-insulated freezer bowl maintains a consistent low temperature so ingredients are frozen evenly. It has a fool-proof on/off operation. In addition, the heavy-duty motor makes frozen treats in as little as 20 minutes and without ice! And because the freezer bowl and mixer arm are removable, cleaning up is a breeze!

* Double insulated freezer bowl can contain up to 1.5 Litre of frozen dessert
* Heavy duty motor will make frozen treats in 20 minutes
* Easy to set up, use and clean up
* Includes full instruction and recipe booklet
* 3-year limited warranty

Available in white.