Bramble Bay “Designer Collection” candles


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Bramble Bay Candle Co pride themselves in providing a high quality product that delivers quality. That’s why all their beautiful soy wax candles are triple scented.

These beautifully gift boxed candles are triple scented ensuring that your soy candle has the maximum acceptable premium fragrance load. This ensures that when you burn your soy candle the wax warms, melts and gently releases the blended premium fragrances and scents into your environment to subtly fragrance your home.

Their triple scented soy wax candles allow a gentler release and a more subtle effect on the fragrances so that they are not overpowering. Burning your soy wax scented candle will help create a gentle inviting aroma within your home or special space.

The fragrances are selected from high quality premium ingredients to ensure you get the most out of your scented candles.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

The Designer range comes in 16 different fragrances varying from the traditional Buttermilk Vanilla to completely different fragrances such as Bamboo & Amber or Basil & Mandarin. There is certain to be a fragrance that you will fall in love with in this range.

The candles in this range are 270g and will provide approximately 50 hours of burn time.

Inhabit Homewares are the exclusive suppliers of the Bramble Bay range of products for the Ballarat district.


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