Bartender Wine Stopper


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When was the last time you finished off an entire bottle of wine in one sitting?

If you are like most and wish to finish the bottle over a few days we have something that will help you keep it fresher for that time.

It’s the Bartender Wine Stopper – a simple, stainless steel gadget that sits on the top of your opened bottle. Press the button on top, and a vacuum seal will be created that stops your favourite wine from going off in the fridge.

Best suited to cork wine, this Wine Stopper will happily have you saying cheers all over again.

Made from stainless steel.
Place on the neck of an opened bottle and push the button on top. A vacuum seal will be created, keeping your wine fresher for longer.
Suitable for cork wines.
Hand wash recommended.

Dimensions: 4 x 4.5cm.

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