Our Products

Inhabit Homewares is pleased to announce that we are now the stockists of three huge ranges of fragrant candles.
Woodwick candles are known worldwide for the crackling wick and delightful ever changing range of fragrances (including trilogy options) in multiple sizes. They also include wax melts and fragrances to go in the car.
We are pleased to announce that we are now also stockists of the well known Australian made “Wavertree & London” candle and diffuser range. Wavertree & London use non-toxic soy wax, natural cotton wicks and blends of fragrances that are sure to create an exquisite perfumed ambiance in your home or workplace.
To round out our range of fragrant candles we have now introduced a third supplier and I’m sure everyone will love our new range of candles and diffusers from Bramble Bay.
We have now also introduced a whole new range of naturally handmade fragrant (mostly) soaps from Specialty Soaps. We currently have 20 different options available.
From a beauty perspective we now have in stock a full range of hand cremes and body lotions from Maine Beach who is a leader in the industry.