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there is not a great deal of difference between a stock pot and a casserole other than you will generally find stock pots to be much larger. As a general rule, most jobs you wish to do with a casserole can be done in a stockpot but not necessarily the other way around. It is important when choosing either that you determine what size you think will get the job done for you but then actually purchase the next larger size. Having a casserole or stockpot which is a little larger than you need causes the sole problem of having something slightly larger to store away in the cupboard however if it is too small to do the job you want – it is useless to you.
Whether you are looking for the durability and beauty of an enamelled base cast iron casserole, classical ceramic, the easy to clean non stick surfaced type of or the indestructible stainless steel casserole, you will find the right one at Inhabit Homewares. Our stockpot range comes in a choice of either non stick and/or stainless steel.